Hi there, Janine (J9) here!

Experience and knowledge is meant to be shared and having worked in corporate for many years I figured that it’s time to do just that.   I am a passionate solution design and implementation specialist in the software arena and spend my time sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years to assist with the everyday challenges that business face.

Sometimes it does not make sense to hire an individual on a permanent basis so my services are available to companies that require, for a limited time – usually the length of the project – a hands on approach to making solutions a reality.

I offer consulting services in the following area:

  • Scope of work, approach and risk identification;
  • Detailed system assessments, process analysis and optimisation opportunities;
  • Solution design;
  • Quality documentation across the spectrum (business case, specifications, test material etc.);
  • “No Gaps Allowed” testing and pre-production quality control;
  • Ongoing support mechanisms.
  • Programme and project management;

My core skill is business analysis, a skill that has served me well over the years. No matter what position I have filled – from consultant to senior management – I have always ended up using this skill to its upmost – Business Plans, Business Cases, ROI’s, Justifications, Specifications etc. etc. this list goes on. And you know what? – I Love it, every single detailed bit of it!

I am proud to say that, along with the Business Analysis skill, a natural ability to plan, manage and co-ordinate, a love for people and a genuine desire to get the best possible outcome for all stakeholders, has provided me with a unique skill set enabling many a project and many a person to succeed.

As a parting note, the thing about this line of work is that you get to make dreams come true, for real. Raw passion in action is a beautiful thing to be part of. Listening to the inflections of a persons voice as the excitement around their idea brings a spark to the eye – nothing short of infectious and, for me, the fountain of youth!

Go Well!



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