Where it all Began – Staying Positive!

This seems like the most appropriate first blog to give you, the reader, an insight into why I started. Writing has always been therapeutic for me and this is a fantastic outlet to share my thoughts, opinions and ideas!

Hope you enjoy the site!

November 2016…….

The last few years have been extremely tough. Seemingly wrong decision followed by wrong decision career wise and massive shake-ups in relationships, each resulting in severe blows to self confidence levels but duly followed by a period of frantic rebuild and repair.

Now, once again, I find myself faced with yet another career melt down.  Due to a merger of sorts, my current role, with all its promised future potential, has suddenly become redundant. Three steps forward, ten steps back it would seem, despite all the effort and personal sacrifice. For the last few weeks I have been wracked with feelings of resentment, anger, sadness and a multitude of other emotions – none of them good I’m sorry to say. Whilst I have done my best to manage these emotions for the sake of my team,  I am certain that there were days where I may not have been pleasant to be around.

As with most things in life there are always valuable lessons to be learned and it struck me that this kind of thing happens throughout every part of our lives not just our careers. Anyone who has been on a health and fitness journey or been in a difficult relationship of any kind would know what it feels like to work really hard at something only to feel like they are getting absolutely nowhere or, in some cases, further away from their goals! Frustrating right?!

In both cases we haven’t actually gotten ‘nowhere’. Its actually an amazing teaching ground. We learn about ourselves, our bodies, human behavior and emotion, our desires, our needs and our own limits. These times test our inner strength and resilience and equip us with new skill sets to meet new challenges in the future. Who has met someone really successful that hasn’t fallen a few times, if not more? Maybe it’s the universe pushing us to grow, to learn, change paths, find other ways to do things, become more human or seek new opportunities to reach our true potential.

I know that trying to keep a smile on your face when times are tough is really really hard  but consider how having a permanent bad mood could affect how you see a new opportunity or approach.  Consider how you feel about “Mr. Grumpy” for a second. Would you offer him an exciting new challenge? Would “Mr. Grumpy” even be able to hear it?

So to everyone going through a hard time of any sort – Chin Up and Stay Positive – Your Time is Coming!